Rates and fees

You can see the current rates and fees for all utilities.

Water and sewer usage charges

The City charges for each unit of water and sewer you use. One unit is 100 cubic feet, or about 748 gallons.

 Per unit rateOutside City 1 Water tax 2 Testing fee 3  
Water $3.68 $3.83 8.025% $0.81
Sewer $4.84 $35.84    
  1. Rate for non-Minneapolis based customers.
  2. We do not charge residential properties for sales taxes. Commercial properties pay a combined sales tax for state, county, city, transit, and Twins.
  3. Minnesota law requires the MN Department of Health to collect $9.72 annually from every service connection as a safe drinking water fee.

See Minnesota Statutes section 144.3831

See two-year rate history

Fixed water and sewer charges

We charge a monthly fixed fee for water and sewer based on meter size.

 2021 fixed fees 
Meter Size Water Sewer
5/8" $5.50  $6.80 
3/4" $8.25  $10.20
1" $13.75  $17
1-1/2" $27.50  $34
2" $44  $54.40 
3" $88  $108.80
4" $137.50 $170
6" $275  $340 
8" $440  $544
10" $632.50  $782 
12" $1,815  $2,244 

See two-year rate history 

Solid waste and recycling charges

 2021 Solid Waste & Recycling - basic fees   
 Solid waste base fee Small cartLarge cartAdditional large cart 
2021 $25.08 $2 $5 $5

The State and County require the City to collect a tax on solid waste services. A total of $14.30 of the base fee is taxable. 

We may charge additional Solid Waste & Recycling fees for extra garbage or services. There is no charge for recycling or organics recycling carts.

See additional fees for extra services

Learn more about State Solid Waste management taxes

Learn more about Hennepin County Solid Waste management fees

See two-year rate history

Stormwater charges

The stormwater utility fee pays for the City's stormwater system and annual maintenance costs. The stormwater system helps prevent and correct stormwater runoff problems. 

 2021 stormwater fees 
Single family (low)Single family (average)Single family (high) 
$10.22 $13.62 $17.03 

The stormwater utility fee is based on the impervious area on your property.


Other water service charges

Encoder head (5/8"–1") $25
Turn-off charge $53
Turn-on charge $53
Winter turn-off/on fee (Dec 1 – April 1) $25
Missed appointment $26.50
Bounced check or nonsufficient fund (NSF) fee $30

Disputing a charge

Before you dispute a charge, please call our office so we can answer any questions.

If you are not satisfied with our explanation, you can still file a dispute

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