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Parked vehicles

Parked cars and bicyclist.


Parking rules Parking rule details
Parallel parking Vehicles must be parked within 12 inches of the curb and parked in the direction of traffic flow.
Keys in ignition Drivers must lock the ignition and take the keys.
License plates Passenger vehicles must have two license plates.
Registration stickers Stickers for the current year must be on license plates by the tenth of the month that follows the expiration month.
Trailers All parked trailers must be attached to a vehicle. Unattached trailers are not allowed.
Abandoned vehicles No vehicle may be parked over 72 hours. A vehicle missing vital parts will be towed.


Snow emergencies

Snow and plow workers plowing and shoveling


Special rules apply during snow emergencies. These ensure that City crews can plow streets and emergency vehicles can get through. 

You can also check our news site for up-to-date information.

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Parking meters

People paying at parking meter


Rates, time limits and rules vary. Make sure to read the information posted on the parking meter.

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