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Emergency kit

Ready Camp emergency prep training

You can take our free training to learn how to prepare for an emergency.
People biking.

As You Go MPLS

We encourage you to get around more without a car.
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Minneapolis census

You can learn about the City's efforts to get a complete count for the 2020 census.

Target Market

Small businesses drive our economy, so we created a program to help them bid on City contracts.
people in classroom attending violence prevention training

Community Champions

Our free, quarterly violence prevention trainings are open to Minneapolis residents.
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Child Friendly City

We want every child in Minneapolis to grow up healthy and safe. We are working with UNICEF to become one of our country's first child friendly cities.
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Human trafficking prevention

The City of Minneapolis is committed to fighting all forms of human trafficking.
Training room showing students at tables listening to instructor.

Blueprint Approved Institute

We train and fund people and small organizations working to prevent violence.
Intersection of George Floyd Square at 38th St and Chicago Ave.

George Perry Floyd Square at 38th & Chicago

We honor the memory of George Perry Floyd as we work to redevelop the site of his murder.
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services document

U and T visa

Our City does not issue U and T visas, but we can certify them. We explain the purpose of the visas, who can get them and how to request certification.
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Domestic partner registration

You can register a domestic partnership with the City. Registering allows you to visit a partner in a health care facility. Some employers provide benefits to registered partners.
Pedestrians walk near City Hall.

Municipal ID

The City is developing a program to give all residents the opportunity have access to a government-issued form of identification.