Bicycle parking rules

You can learn the bicycle parking rules.

Rules for parking bicycles

Lock your bicycle in a legal location using a secure lock. The City removes abandoned and illegally parked bikes.

Where you can and cannot park

Bike lockers

Abandoned and illegally parked bikes 



Bike parking rules

Parking bike at bike rack

Where you can park your bike

  • Bike racks
  • Sign posts
  • New parking meter racks
  • Bike lockers
  • Other designated bike parking locations


Where you cannot park your bike

  • Handrails
  • Trees
  • Streetlight poles
  • Traffic light poles

(Minneapolis Ordinance § 490.150)


Bike lockers

Bike lockers

Bicycle lockers protect your bicycle from weather and help secure your bicycle from theft.

Where to find bike lockers

  • The City of Minneapolis has lockers stationed throughout downtown
  • The University of Minnesota offers lockers
  • Metro Transit stations and transit centers offer locker

More bike locker information

Metro Transit bike locker information

See Move Minneapolis bike locker (and showers) info


Abandoned bicycles

Person parking bike

When we remove unlocked bikes

We'll remove unlocked abandoned bicycles upon request.

When we remove locked bikes

We'll tag locked abandoned bicycles 24 hours before removal.

When we remove llegally parked bikes

We remove bicycles locked in illegal locations right away.

Bike racks for businesses

Businesses and public places can apply to have bike racks added to their property.

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