City parking signs

Find out how to read the signs used for most street parking.

Know the signs

City parking signs



Sign Sign meaning
No parking sign

No parking

This sign means no parking.

Bus stop sign


No parking, bus stop

Arrow points toward the bus stop.

Disability parking sign


Disability parking only

You must have a State disability permit.

No parking bike lane sign


No parking, bike lane

Signals an on-street bike lane.

No parking anytime (in direction of arrow) sign


No parking 

Arrow points to the no parking zone.

Multi-message sign


Multi-message traffic sign

Reading left to right, this sign tells you:

  • Arrow shows the direction of traffic.
  • Left lane is for regular traffic.
  • Center lane is parking lane with rush-hour restrictions.
  • Right lane / curb lane is a bike lane with no parking at any time.
sign for snow emergency route


Snow emergency route

During snow emergencies, you cannot park on the street until it is fully plowed.

Read about snow emergency parking


The "no" sign

Road closure signs


Any time you see a red circle with a slash, known as the "no" sign, that means an activity is not allowed.

Common examples

  • Do not enter
  • No turn
  • No U-turn
  • No pedestrians
  • No parking

Temporary no parking

No parking between signs


We also post temporary no parking signs for:

  • Construction zones
  • Street cleaning
  • Street repairs
  • Emergencies
  • Tree trimming
  • Water or sewer line work
  • Special events

Signs without specific times are in effect 24 hours a day.

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