Firefighter training

All cadets get on-the-job training at our academy.

Minneapolis Firefighter Academy

As a newly-hired cadet, you will attend our Minneapolis Firefighter Academy training program. 

The program runs for three to four months. It teaches you how to respond to:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Structure fires
  • Rooftop ventilation issues
  • Natural gas leaks
  • Reports of gas and hazardous materials
  • Rail tanker fires

It gives you a chance to practice:

  • Aerial ladder rescues
  • Water and ice rescues
  • Removing people from damaged vehicles

Academy training take place at the City's Emergency Operations Training Facility.

On-going firefighter training

We offer on-gong training opportunities throughout your career with the Minneapolis Fire Department.

Fire Pathways Program members helping a person on a stretcher

Train for an emergency services career

Our program helps people train for a career in fire and emergency services.

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