Wage theft prevention

Wage theft is an employer's failure to pay an employee all wages earned, fully and on time. To help prevent wage theft, the City adopted part of Minnesota's new Wage Theft Law into local ordinance.
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Prevent wage theft

Together, the Minnesota Wage Theft Law and the Minneapolis Wage Theft Ordinance protect employers and employees.


To prevent wage theft and help employees recover unpaid wages, Minneapolis adopted parts of the State of Minnesota’s new Wage Theft Law. The City ordinance took effect on January 1, 2020.

The law requires employers to:

  • Give employees a written pre-hire notice and keep a copy of the form signed by each employee
  • Follow a regularly scheduled payday
  • Provide earnings statements at the end of each pay period
  • Provide sick and safe time accrual and use balances on all earnings statements
  • Display a wage theft poster in the workplace and share the poster with new hires

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