Become a community service officer

Our process allows you to go to school while working as an officer.
Step 1

Apply for a job

Community service officer (CSO) jobs are posted.

You can submit an application.

Sign up to receive community service officer job alerts.

See job posting and apply.

Step 2

Participate in an interview

We will invite some candidates who apply to come to a job interview.

We will make a conditional job offer to some of the candidates we interview.

You will need to pass our background check and pre-employment tests before we make a final job offer.

Step 3

Complete background checks and pre-employment tests

If you accept a conditional job offer, you are required to complete:

  • A background check
  • Pre-employment tests

 If your background check and pre-employment test results meet our employment criteria, we will make a final job offer.

Read about the background check and pre-employment tests


Step 4

Community Service Officer Academy

You and your classmates will receive training at our Community Service Officer Academy.

You will attend the academy

  • For four weeks
  • Monday through Friday
  • For a combination of classroom training and simulations

You can then:

  • Work in the field supporting police officers and connecting with community members
  • While going to school to get your law enforcement degree

See community service officer job details

Step 5

Complete your degree and POST certification

You will continue to work for us while you:

  • Complete your degree, and
  • Pass your POST exam

After you have done this, you are eligible to be hired as a recruit officer.

See steps for hiring recruits and laterals

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