Snow season

We explain what to do in a snow emergency, where to park and how to clear snow and ice from your property.
What to do when it snows
What to do when it snows

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Know where to park when it snows

When we may enforce special parking

By following parking rules, you'll help us keep the streets clear and usable for all. Be mindful when it snows and stay tuned so you know when we enforce special parking rules.

Snow emergencies

After a heavy snowfall, we may declare a snow emergency, which puts special parking rules into effect for three days. 

See snow emergency parking rules

Temporary signs

We may post temporary "No Parking" signs so we can do snow and ice control even if a snow emergency is not in effect.

Winter parking restrictions

During a winter with unusually high amounts of snow, buildup along the streets can make it difficult for emergency vehicles to easily pass through. If this happens, we may declare winter parking restrictions

Severe winter storm warning

If a major storm is coming, we may temporarily restrict parking for up to 48 hours ahead of time. This means you cannot park on the even side of non-snow emergency Routes. We'll post "No Parking" signs on the affected streets.

Share snow information

Visitors may not know about these parking rules. You can help by sharing snow emergency and winter parking rules with guests, customers and employees.

Snow season maps

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