Zoning applications and public hearings

You can find applications for public hearings, and learn how your application is consider by the board.

Our process

Preparing an application

Community Planning & Economic Development (CPED) oversees zoning-related changes in the city.

To determine what application you need to complete, please contact CPED staff.

See applications and handouts

See the public hearing schedule and application deadlines


Public notice means letting the public know about certain types of legal proceedings. The City publishes notices in its official paper, Finance & Commerce.

Also, we send notices to neighbors of the application 21 days before the public hearing.

Public hearing

Certain projects require a public hearing. CPED works with the board to provide analysis and staff recommendations.

At the public hearing, the board might discuss your application or passed it under consent. Here's how they differ:

Discussion Consent
  • CPED staff and the applicant present the application to the board for its consideration.
  • Member of the public may sign up to speak about it.
  • Board members may have questions or discuss the application before taking a vote.
  • The board considers multiple consent items together and vote on them as a single item without discussion.
  • These are standard or non-controversial items.
  • These applications do not have a presentation.

Learn how to participate in a meeting


If your application is denied, you have 10 days after the board meeting to appeal.

City Council will consider your appeal at its Business, Housing & Zoning Committee.


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