Commercial stormwater credits

You can reduce your stormwater utility fee by up to 80%.


Building on street corner showing stormwater runoff.

If you are a commercial property owner

  • You can reduce your monthly stormwater utility fee by up to 80%* by earning:
    • a combination of different credit types
    • based on the types of BMPs you install 
  • You earn credits by removing pollutants from stormwater that falls on your property by retaining on-site so that it does not flow into lakes, creeks, and rivers.

        *80% maximum possible for properties in City-designated Green Zones. 70% maximum possible for all other commercial properties. 

Eligibility for application: 

  • Non-Chapter 54 Properties:
    • must be current with utility bills
    • must install City-approved BMPs on your property that meet certain standards

See commercial credit applicant guide for more information

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