Garbage and recycling at an event

Reduce waste at events and learn what to do with the waste you collect.

Applications not accepted

We are not accepting cart rental applications during periods this Summer and Fall. See below for specific dates that our cart rental services are not available.

Event recycling requirements

City-permitted events

City collection rental carts for events

Any event that needs a permit from the City is required to have one-to-one garbage and recycling and to submit a recycling plan. This includes all block events and all parades and races. One-to-one means that for every garbage container, there's also a recycling container. The containers should be next to each other.

An event can be exempt from the one-to-one garbage and recycling requirement if a zero-waste plan is submitted and approved by the City.


Individual events

Garbage and recycling services are highly recommended for individually organized events. Events like weddings, block parties, and graduation parties create a lot of waste, much of which could be recycled or composted.

Cart rentals

You may rent carts from port-a-potty companies, private haulers, or the City for both large and small events. 

Litter container usage


black litter container from business corridor


You must ask to use permanent litter containers for your event.

Litter container ownership varies:

  • Metal containers belong to the businesses nearby
    • These containers may be black, red, or blue in color
  • Concrete or plastic containers belong to a volunteer, or the City

Contact us if you need help finding the owner


Renting carts from the city

Applications not accepted

Our office is not accepting cart rentals during the following time periods in 2024. 

  • Friday, July 12 - Monday, July 15
  • Friday, July 26 - Monday, July 29
  • Friday, August 2 - Monday, August 5
  • Friday, August 23 - Monday, August 26
  • Friday, September 20 - Monday September 23
  • Friday, September 27 - Monday, September 30

If you are in need of event services during these times, you will need to reach out to a private garbage and recycling hauler.

Delivery, rental and fees

Delivery details

  • We'll deliver only within City of Minneapolis limits on weekdays between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Carts are delivered to and picked up from the same location. Placement of carts around your event venue is the responsibility of the renter.
  • For weekend events, we'll deliver carts to a secure location on Friday, and we'll collect from the same location on Monday. If Monday is a major holiday, we'll collect on Tuesday.
  • You must submit your application at least 10 business days before the date of cart delivery.

Rental details

An estimate of the total cost will be provided when your application is processed. You will not be billed for the rental until after the event is over. 

  • Fees include
    • Delivery and pickup of carts
    • Proper disposal of collected materials
    • A report of the weight of materials collected
  • Nonprofits are not exempt from cart rental charges, taxes or fees.
  • State solid waste management taxes and County solid waste management fees will apply to rented garbage carts.


Rental fees are based on request, not on use. They are not refundable. 

Cart Rental Fees
Mobilization fee (covers 1–4 carts) $80
Additional garbage cart  $15
Additional recycling cart  $5
Additional organics cart $5   

The mobilization fee is a base fee for rental. It covers up to 4 carts. Additional carts will carry the per cart fee. For every 20 carts, you will be charged another mobilization fee, each of which will cover another 4 carts.

For example, if you rent:

  • 7 carts, 4 will be covered under your mobilization fee, and 3 will carry the per cart fee.
  • 20 carts, 4 will be covered under your mobilization fee, and 16 will carry the per cart fee.
  • 21 carts, 8 will be covered under the two mobilization fees, and 13 will carry the per cart fee.
  • 43 carts, 12 will be covered under the three mobilization fees, and 31 will carry the per cart fee.

We count recycling and organics carts first. So if you rent two of each kind of cart (six total), the two recycling and two organics carts will be covered under the mobilization fee, and the two garbage carts will be charged the per cart fee.

Possible extra fees

Additional Fees
Missing or damaged cart        $50
Contaminated cart $10
Extra material $5 per bag
Unacceptable material Actual cost of disposal1 
Returned check $30

1. Hazardous waste fee starts at $75.

 Fill out the rental form for carts

Reducing waste at events

Holding a low-waste event is all about planning.

Check out Hennepin County's low-waste event planning tips

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