What we do

The work we do drives cultural change throughout the city.


Our city has a progressive reputation. Still, we are coping with the legacy of discrimination.

That is why Racial Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (REIB) values:

  • Equality
  • Democracy
  • Security
  • Social mobility
  • Shared responsibility
  • The chance for redemption

Our commitments

We're committed to reducing socio-economic inequality.


We believe that:

  • What we look like and where we're from should not determine our place in society.
  • All people are equal in rights, dignity and potential.
  • Inequality based on race, gender and other factors is not just unfortunate, it is unjust.

Guidelines and boards

Our guidelines

These guidelines inform the work that we do.


We work towards fair and just opportunities and outcomes for all people.

Racial equity

We help develop policies, practices and strategic investments to:

  • Reverse racial disparity trends.
  • Eliminate institutional racism.
  • Ensure that outcomes and opportunities for all people are no longer based on race.

Read the City ordinance

Our boards

We staff two appointed boards:

  • The Racial Equity Community Advisory Committee (RECAC)
  • The Transgender Equity Council (TEC)

Attend a meeting to give feedback

Anyone can give feedback on City policies at RECAC and TEC meetings. Everyone is welcome.

See the RECAC committee and calendar

See the TEC committee and calendar

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Racial Equity, Inclusion and Belonging




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Monday – Friday

Closed on City holidays

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