City looks to open community safety center pilot on East Lake Street

February 22, 2024

A community safety center pilot is expected to open late this summer on East Lake Street. Commissioner of Community Safety Toddrick Barnette and Office of Community Safety Director of Design and Implementation Amanda Harrington recently presented an update to the City Council on the project. The center will allow neighborhood residents to have space in the neighborhood where they can access a select number of services and resources until the South Minneapolis Community Safety Center opens in 2025.

The Office of Community Safety will be meeting with partners across the enterprise and the community to determine what services and resources could be located at the East Lake Street location. Feedback from the community will also play a large role in this determination.

A potential site for the center has been identified. The City is currently following its procurement process to lease space.

To watch the presentation, click the play button for the Feb. 14 Public Health & Safety meeting. Then you can click “select chapter” and choose “discussion” to go directly to this presentation.