Recycling and trash guide coming to Minneapolis customer mailboxes

February 21, 2024

City of Minneapolis Solid Waste & Recycling customers should watch their mailboxes in the coming weeks for their service guides. The guides include a collection schedule for the year; ways for people to create less trash and reuse what they already have; and a catalog of what belongs in the black garbage carts, blue recycling carts and green organics carts. The guides also have instructions for setting out large items and for managing household hazardous waste.

More resources

Minneapolis customers can choose from multiple resources for the best ways to use recycling and trash services.

  • A searchable disposal guide on the City website shows the best way to dispose of specific household items.
  • The Minneapolis Solid Waste, Recycling and Organics Facebook group answers questions about how to get rid of an item.
  • Recycling reminder emails go out every other week with:
    • A reminder for recycling day.
    • Holiday notices with any collection day changes.
    • Seasonal notices such as the start and end of yard waste pickup for the year.
    • Upcoming events to reduce waste, reuse what people already have and drop off household hazardous waste.
    • Fun facts about recycling and composting.

Learn more about recycling and organics on the City website.