Collection day lookup

Our lookup tool shows the schedule for your garbage, recycling and organics recycling pickup. You can also sign up for recycling reminder emails.

Before you begin

  • The tool does not verify whether an address has service with Solid Waste & Recycling.
  • Organics recycling is collected on the same day as garbage.
  • We collect garbage and organics every week.
  • We collect recycling every other week.   

How to use the tool

  • Enter your address: Street number, street name, street type, direction. Example: 123 Main St S
  • Select your address: The dates of your next garbage and recycling collection will come up
  • To see a monthly calendar: Click on "View Garbage and Recycling Schedule this Month". At the top of the calendar, your recycling week will be listed as either ABE or CD. 

Yard waste pickup ABE

  • To receive email reminders about your recycling pickup:– Click on “Sign up for Recycling Reminders.” You'll also get holiday reminders and tips to reduce waste and recycle and compost more.

Find your next collection day

Holiday delays

If your collection day falls on or after a major holiday, your collection will be delayed by one day. These changes are shown in the Find your pickup day tool.
Holiday garbage and recycling collection

Recycling reminder emails

To receive email reminders about your recycling pickup – Click on “Sign up for Recycling Reminders” after you enter your address to find your pickup day. You'll be reminded if pickup is delayed due to a holiday. Email reminders also include fun facts, upcoming events, and tips to reduce waste and recycle and compost more.

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