Vacant building registration

We track, monitor and manage vacant properties in the City of Minneapolis.


The City wants to ensure that vacant properties stay secure and properly maintained.

Our Vacant Building Registration (VBR) program helps keep buildings secure and maintained. Any residential or commercial building can qualify for the program.

You can learn about the program's:

You also can see a map of vacant and condemned properties. See map

Vacant house in Minneapolis

Vacant Building Registration (VBR) program


  • Owners of vacant properties must register and pay an annual fee.
  • The fee is due:
    • At the time of registration.
    • Each year on the anniversary date of when we found the building vacant. Find the anniversary date using the City’s Property Information tool.
      See Property information search
  • We may adjust the fee annually.
  • The fee helps cover some of the City’s costs related to properties that are not maintained.


We may require properties with one or more of these conditions to register as vacant:

  • Condemned requiring a code compliance inspection
    See Condemnation
  • Unoccupied:
    • And unsecured for five days or more
    • Secured by means other than those normally used in the design of the building for 30 days or more
    • With many housing maintenance, fire or building code violations for 30 days or more
    • More than 365 days with an order issued to correct a nuisance condition related to City code chapter 227.90
  • Vacant structure that cannot get a certificate of occupancy due to:
    • Work stoppage
    • Expired permits

Commercial vacant building appeal

The owner of a vacant commercial property can file an appeal about a building in the VBR program.

Here's the process:

  • The property owner files a formal appeal with Inspections Services.
  • Inspections Services sends the appeal to the Nuisance Condition Process Review Panel for a decision.

Contact Inspections Services to file a formal appeal

Restoration agreements

The City wants to encourage owners to fix up buildings that qualify for the VBR program. To do this, we can create a restoration agreement with the owner. This is an option if :

  • The property has been in the VBR program for less than three months, or
  • It has been less than three months since the property's anniversary date in the program

Agreement documents

Waiving VBR fee

We will waive the fee for six months for property owners are who are:

  • Rehabilitating the property
  • Meeting other conditions in a restoration agreement


Owners must winterize condemned properties with boards. This includes:

  • Disconnecting the gas
  • Shutting off electric power
  • Draining plumbing fixtures and water pipes

The City may also direct Public Works to shut off water service at the stop box and drop the meter.

If the owner does not winterize a condemned property:

  • The City can hire a contractor to winterize it.
  • We will notify the owner of record before the winterization.
  • We will apply the cost of winterization as a special assessment to the property tax.
Boarded house in Minneapolis

Vacant and condemned property dashboard

You can see vacant and condemned properties across the city.

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