Digital equity

The City helps residents access high-speed internet and technology resources.

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About digital equity

Bridging the digital divide

The Information Technology (IT) department supports efforts to address the Minneapolis:

  • Digital divide
  • Technology skills gap

Using technology to its full advantage is a key part of success. Everyone should have the tools, skills and opportunity to take part in our digital society. This includes all:

  • City residents
  • Institutions
  • Businesses

Our partners 

As of 2022, 35,000 Minneapolis households do not have access to high-speed internet. That is about 19% of Minneapolis.  

To help bridge the digital divide, we've partnered with:

  • Hennepin County
  • Minneapolis Public Schools
  • Local non-profits

Digital equity goals

Our goal is digital inclusion. The City aims to bridge the digital divide. We will create fair solutions that help more people connect to the internet. The City believes that providing universal high-speed internet helps to create a strong and equitable society.

The Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan has more details about the City's goals in this area.

See Policy 50

Connect to the internet

Free wireless locations

  • Wi-Fi refers to wireless internet. Wi-Fi connects your devices to the internet.
  • Minneapolis residents and visitors can access the internet for free.
  • There are 117 wireless Minneapolis locations, or hotspots, throughout the city.
  • These hotspots are one of the many community benefits from our contract with USI Wireless. USI Wireless built the wireless network covering the entire city.

View the Wi-Fi hotspot map

How to connect to a free hotspot

  1. Look for signs installed at hotspot locations.
  2. Search for the wireless network connection called USIW Free Wi-Fi. 
  3. Use your computer or wireless internet capable-device to find it.
  4. The connection requires a credit card number to log in.

Note: the credit card is for security purposes only. There is no charge.

Internet services

Local providers offer free and low-cost internet services in the city.

How to get involved

Directly get involved

  • Donate new and used computers
  • Provide internet services

Indirectly get involved

  • Through funding
  • Other collaboration

Tell us your ideas

You can share your ideas, interests and let us know how we can reach you.

Contact 311

Technology and digital resources

City of Minneapolis

See City of Minneapolis tech and digital resources.

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Hennepin County

The City partners with Hennepin County to provide technology resources for residents. 

  • Digital navigators - This team can help you access training and technology resources. They can also teach you how to be safe online.
  • Fix-it clinics - Fix-It Clinics offer free help to repair electronics, mobile devices, small home appliances and more.
  • Internet access gap map - Use the map to see county internet access levels. Use the layer list option to include different sets of data.
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Digital literacy

Learn how to use the internet, improve your digital literacy and how to stay safe online.

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Contact us

Minneapolis 311


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