Boarded buildings

We explain when buildings can be boarded and for how long.


City law allows any building to be boarded for 60 days without penalty. See Reasons for boarding

Within 60 days of boarding, the owner must either:

If the owner does not do either in 60 days, the City may place the building on the Vacant Building Registration list.

See Vacant Building Registration

Boarded building

Reasons for boarding

Common reasons for boarding:

  • The City boards vacant buildings to keep them secure.
  • The owner may choose to board an unoccupied building.
  • The Police may board a building after a raid or fire.

Vacant and open to trespass

A vacant building that is not secure is a danger to the neighborhood because it:

  • Invites squatters
  • Can be a fire hazard
  • Is a danger to children

Boards help prevent these hazards.

Owner choice

The building owner chooses:

  • Not to occupy the building
  • To use boards to keep it secure

Police action or fire

The Police will board a building:

  • After they have raided the property and the building is vacant
  • If they have observed unsafe activities in a vacant building
  • After a fire to keep the building secure
Front stairs and doorway of a rowhome

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