Truth and Reconciliation

We look for solutions to racial injustice.
We move the City toward a better future
We move the City toward a better future

Our history

Learn how Truth and Reconciliation got started.

City Council resolution

In October of 2020, the City Council approved a resolution. This resolution established a truth and reconciliation process.


Creating a work group

That resolution called for establishing a working group to:

  • Explore the creation of the truth and reconciliation process
  • Study the meaning of reconciliation
  • Research different models of truth and reconciliation commissions
  • Understand the impact that the process might have on the City

Learn about the Truth and Reconciliation work group

Read the City Council resolution

Current and future work

Learn about our current work and next steps.

Our goals

Our ultimate goal is to end racial disparities.

We focus on:

  • Black American descendants of slavery
  • American Indian/Indigenous communities

Next steps

Racial Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (REIB) will collaborate with other City leaders. We will consult with:

  • Local and national experts on truth and reconciliation
  • People skilled in conflict resolution
  • Other stakeholders from the community


The work we'll do

Our work involves:

  • Developing a framework for a City-led process
  • Recommending an approach for establishing a truth and reconciliation commission

Racism as a public health emergency


In July of 2020:

  • The City Council passed a resolution declaring racism a public health emergency in Minneapolis.
  • City leaders committed to dedicating more resources to work for racial equity.

Read the resolution

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