Transportation Action Plan

Minneapolis is creating more travel options for more people by the year 2030.


The 10-year plan

Through 2030, the Transportation Action Plan (TAP) will help the City 

  1. Use our streets to meet climate, safety, mobility and other goals
  2. Create more travel options for more people

Plan highlights include the following

  • Ensure that, by 2030, three of every five trips are taken by walking, rolling, bicycling or transit
  • Improve the experience of people walking and rolling on our streets
  • Make transit a more attractive and affordable option for more people
  • Act quickly to improve our streets

A 10-year plan for transportation in the city, the action plan

  • Guides future planning
  • Guides design
  • Implements transportation projects for all people in the many ways they move around

Transportation Action Plan goals

Six goals guide the plan

  • Climate
  • Safety
  • Equity
  • Prosperity
  • Mobility
  • Active partnerships
Prioritize transit. More bus only streets / lanes. Traffic control - prioritize bus over SOVS in downtown

Progress to date

The Transportation Action Plan was passed by City Council in December 2020. Since then, the City has made a lot of progress on the strategies and actions included in the plan. To learn more what has happened:

TAP Minneapolis

Learn more about the Transportation Action Plan.
City staff talks with individuals about questions and ideas to design action
Seward West Bank transportation action plan community engagement with group
People at community meetings add comments to maps

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